11 Things You Probably Never Knew About Coffee At Work

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11 Things You Probably Never Knew About Coffee Ay Work

Coffee At WorkIs coffee at work is it a necessity? 9 out of 10 people will tell you a definite yes and with good reason. Coffee has been in the workplace ever since there has been coffee to be in a workplace it seems. Coffee gives you that extra energy to keep going, seems to make meetings go smoother and even helps with interactions with coworkers. There are some other things you should know about coffee in the workplace.

  • Coffee keeps you alert
  • Coffee eases the pain of working at a desk
  • Coffee is a social lubricant
  • The best time for a coffee is around 2 p.m
  • Even without the coffee, coffee shops are good places to work
  • Coffee can make a stressful situation more stressful
  • The coffee break is a 20th century invention
  • It’s also an invention of Madison Ave, with an assist from a behavioral psychologist
  • Coffee may be a life-saver, especially for older workers
  • Baristas drink the most coffee
  • It even works with decaf

So there you have it 11 things that you may not have known about coffee in the workplace as related to us from our friends’ over@aol.com.

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Everything You Need To Know About Coffee At Work By AOL.com


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