A Blast From The Past With Butternut Coffee And Boris Karloff

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Oldie But A Goodie!

Boris Karloff

Okay folks time for a little fun and a walk down memory lane. If you’re a baby boomer, like I am, then Boris Karloff needs no introduction to you. If you’re part of the younger generation just let me just tell you that Boris Karloff (the original Frankenstein’s monster) was one of the quintessential early horror movie actors along with a Bela Lugosi (Dracula) and Vincent Price (your basic evil scientist type). Needless to say these actors struck fear into the hearts of early moviegoers with their acting abilities. Yes I know but things are simpler back then.

The video below shows Karloff in a commercial for Butternut coffee, which I assume was a popular brand of the time (I’m not that old). The commercial also gave the audience the chance to participate by reciting lines as Karloff asked questions. Of course the lines were in subtitles below the video and probably just served to ingrain the product in people’s minds even more.





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