A Brief Coffee Brewing History

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Try One Of These Coffee Brewing Methods.

Coffee BrewingI was searching the Internet the other day trying to find a recipe for Turkish coffee. Now it wasn’t that hard to find, but when I did find it I also found out that the traditional way of brewing it is in the pot called an Ibrik. So I started wondering just how many other coffee brewing methods have been used to brew up America’s favorite beverage through the years.

What I found out is pretty interesting with no less than eight major methods of brewing up a cup of coffee since the 16th century. Every other method is pretty much an offshoot one of these eight. That is other than just throwing the grounds in some boiling water and waiting. Here is a rundown of the top eight.

  • A Jug – This may be the oldest of all the brewing methods. You simply take a medium grind coffee, put it and some hot water in a jug and let it steep for up to 5 min. Pour and enjoy.
  • The Ibrik – This is a long handle pot that is on the small side and is used by Middle Eastern people for coffee brewing. It has also been around since the 16th century.
  • The Plunger Pot – Affectionately known as the French press it is simply a straight sided container with a lid and a plunger that has a tight fitting screen attached to it. The coffee and water go into the container, the lid and plunger goes on the top and when steeping is done the plunger pressed down taking all the coffee grounds to the bottom with it.
  • The Vacuum Method – This method was invented by an engineer and is known for its production of fine tasting coffee. This is basically two glass globes with coffee in the top globe and water in the bottom. When the water is heated it is forced into the top globe with the coffee and it is steeping is complete it’s removed from the heat. Once removed a vacuum is created in the lower chamber sucking the coffee back down and leaving the grinds in the top globe.
  • The Percolator – Before drip coffee makers took over this was the way coffee was made. This process of making coffee is basically a metal pot that contains a small base with a thin tube inserted into it. The tube leads to the basket which contains the grounds and when the water in the pot is heated and comes to a boil it forces the water up the tube and over the grounds.
  • The Drip Method – this is the method that most of America uses to make its morning cup of coffee. It consists of a water reservoir, a coffee ground chamber and a pot. Water from the reservoir is heated to near boiling and forced in the coffee ground chamber where it runs through the grounds and into the pot.
  • The Espresso Machine – Similar to a drip machine in some respects the espresso machine works under pressure to produce small shots of high-octane brew.
  • Dutch Coffee – Probably the lowest tech way of making coffee there is and has been around since the late 1800s. You place a medium grind coffee and cold water in a container and let it sit for up to 24 hours. Then simply strain it and refrigerated it. To make your coffee mix a couple of teaspoons with hot water.

So as you can see, when it comes brewing coffee, there is more than one way to skin a cat and people have been coming up with new and inventive ways to brew it for quite some time. No matter how inventive you get though, using the latest grind and brew machine or the finest super automatic espresso maker, it all comes down to hot water and ground-up coffee. The rest is all just tweaking the process.


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