A Whole World Of Coffee Rubs Await You And Your Palette

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A Whole World Of Coffee Rubs Await You And Your Palette

Espresso Chile Spice Blend

Well as I write this summer is in full swing and barbecues are being lit up in droves to prepare juicy hamburgers and succulent steaks. Now normally I’m pretty much a seasoned salt and pepper kind of guy when it comes to grilling up beef but I recently decided to expand my horizons and try a coffee rub.

Let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed with the flavor enhancement to my steak. Don’t think that a coffee rub is just for red meat though; it can also be used on chicken, duck or pork as well. Just make sure that when you go to the less dark meats try to use a lighter roast coffee so the flavoring will be more subtle.

That’s right you can use just plain old regular finally ground coffee for your rub. If you’re like me though you probably don’t want to be grinding coffee for a rub, you want something a bit more convenient. Like something in a time-tested shaker bottle. This is where a whole universe of coffee rubs can open up to you that will not only give you a straight coffee flavor but also blends with other spices as well.

So if you’re cranking up the barbecue this weekend please check out the link below and get yourself some coffee rub so you can really crank out some tasty burgers and steaks.

A Universe Of Coffee Rubs.

Oh and while you’re at it check out the link below for great recipe that you can use your new rub to prepare.

Coffee Rubbed Rib-Eye By The Food Network



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