Sifting Through The Coffee Bean Types

The Mighty Coffee BeanIf you’re a coffee aficionado then always on the lookout for information on what the best coffee bean types are. Coffee of course is grown all over the world in places like the Pacific region, South America and Southeast Asia to name a few. Well in the following paragraphs were going to give you more information that will help you in your search for the perfect bean for you.

The two main types of coffee beans that are commercially available are the Arabica bean and the Robusta, which is a variant of the Canephora bean. It has been argued over and over again by gourmet bean tasters, which is superior in taste and aroma. In reality though, it comes down to the individual consumer to make the decision that suits his or her personal taste.

So just what are the differences between these two popular coffee beans? It is thought by many that Arabica beans contain less caffeine thereby making for a smoother flavor. Now if you’re up for a stouter cup of coffee then you may prefer the Robusta bean with its bolder flavor and elevated caffeine levels. One note to take away though is that all of the above can vary depending where the bean was grown due soil conditions, climate and altitude.

Over the past 50 years Brazil has been producing coffee beans for the world and are known globally for the quality of the bean they produce. Actually an unbelievable 66% of the high quality beans come from this country, so the chances are the beans you consume now are imported from Brazil.

Not to be outdone by Brazil, Jamaica produces a fine coffee bean of its own known as the Jamaican Blue Mountain. There is nowhere else in the world that can produce the Jamaican Blue Mountain brand and every bag that is produced must be certified for authenticity. This bean is popular due to its mild flavor and little to no after taste.

So there you have it a quick look at some of the finest coffee bean types available throughout the world today. Try one or try them all so you can find the one that suits you best.

Below we have provided you with access to a representative slice of all the major coffee growing areas. Check them out and give one or two of them a try, my personal favorite is Guatemalan coffee.

Kona Coffee Beans Kona coffee is grown in Hawaii and is much sought after. The area that it is grown is only about 2 miles by 15 miles and any coffee carrying the 100% Kona Bean moniker must be certified to be so.
Guatemalan coffee Guatemalan coffee beans are personally my favorite and are some of the most balanced coffees of the world. In addition it is smooth, medium body and has a smoky aroma. This one is definitely worth a try.
Brazillian Coffee Beans Brazilian coffee was discussed previously and is one of the most available coffees in the world. Because they grow so much coffee there you will find all grades high and low.
Vietnam Coffee Vietnam currently ranks number 2 in coffee production right after Brazil.  It’s just slightly lighter than a French roast, and is smooth not acidic.
India Coffee Coffee has been a part of India for over 150 years and its unique climate produces an equally unique coffee. It has a soft, mellow and full-bodied character with a pleasant earthy aroma and no hint of the mustiness of aged coffee.
Ethiopia Coffee Ethiopia is the place that coffee was originally discovered according to legend. The coffee produced there is both characteristically floral and sweetly toned.
 Costa Rica Coffee Costa Rica has been growing coffee since 1779 and depending on the region the bean comes from the flavor, aroma and acidity will vary. Try it and see if it resonates with you.
 Kenya Coffee Coffee in Kenya has been cultivated since 1893 and employs approx 6 million people in the country. The coffee has a sharp, winy taste and features a pronounced fruity undertone.
 Jamacian Blue Mountain Coffee Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is also a very sought after coffee with over 80% of the harvest being exported to Japan. The coffee has a Rich flavor, a full body, moderate acidity.

There you have a broad cross section of coffee from different countries. This is by no means an exhaustive list and is grown in many other areas. This should get you started and I encourage beginning testing out and exploring of different varieties of coffee.



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