Amaze Your Guests With These 25 Recipes That Use Coffee.

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Recipes From Savory To Sweet.

25 Coffee Recipes

As I write this the summer of 2016 has passed into the history books and we have entered into the fall months. This means that we will shortly be thinking about the holiday season and that invariably means family visitations and some great meals. This year why don’t you stun your family and friends with some dishes, desserts and drinks that use coffee as an ingredient?

To make that easy task for you we dug up a load of recipes, 25 to be exact, that you can pick and choose from as you wish. Here are some of the recipes that are contained in this list we discovered over at Food

  • Espresso Breakfast Scones.
  • Coffee-Bacon Sandwiches.
  • Coffee Cured Ahi Tuna Salad With Turrialba Cheese and Lime Dressing.
  • Coffee-Braised Short Ribs (Now We’re Talking).
  • Caramelized Coffee-Spiced Chicken.
  • Coffee and Roasted Almond Chocolate Bark.
  • Orange and Cardamom Cold-Brewed Coffee.

The list above is just a short smattering of the recipes you’ll find on their post so take a few seconds and shoot on over by clicking the link below.


Get Your Coffee Fix With 25 Unexpected Recipes By Food


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