Coffee Has Many Uses Other Than As Your Morning Drink

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Some Of This Might Amaze You.

Coffees UsesAs you are sitting there drinking your first cup of coffee in the morning have you ever given thought to what other uses that brown liquid in your cup might be good for? Probably not, I mean after all its hard enough to form a coherent sentence let alone think about the uses of something that’s going to keep you awake. There are numerous other uses and potential uses though.

A fairly recent research paper by Food Research International took into account all parts of the coffee bean and the coffee making process. In this rather lengthy research paper they detail other aspects of coffee that you may not know. If you have a little extra time or maybe a lot of extra time, owing to the papers size, check it out. You might just be amazed at the uses for that little bean.

To read the rest of the paper click the link below:

 Functional properties of coffee and coffee by-products By


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