Introducing Kopi Luwak Coffee – The Most Expensive Coffee in The World

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What’s So Special About Kopi Luwak?

Civit Cat CoffeeKopi Luwak Coffee is the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world and you’re about to find out there’s a good reason for this. Kopi Luwak beans are Indonesian in their origin and are well known for the excellent coffee they produce.  What’s even more interesting about this coffee bean is the story behind how these beans are collected and fermented.

Kopi Luwak is different for a reason and if you have ever seen the movie “The Bucket List” you already know where I’m going with this.  So let’s jump in with both feet and see if we can have your jaw dropping open by the time you’re done reading.

It seems that when the Dutch first introduced coffee to their plantations in Indonesia they had a real bad attitude about allowing the local farmers to pick beans for their own use.  Well not to be held back the farmers soon learned that a species of Asian Palm Civet Cat was eating these beans as their food and rumor had it that they could sense the best and sweetest beans to eat.



The locals also soon figured out that the beans inside the fruit did not digest inside the cats stomach or intestines and passed through to the outside world in their poop.  So the farmers went around collecting the beans from the cat poop, washed the seeds several times and then carried on with normal roasting and grinding.  This collection process circumvented the rule that forbid them to pick beans for their own use.  All I have the say though is you must have to want a cup of coffee pretty bad to go digging through cat poop.

So you can probably see why this coffee is so rare and so expensive, after all you’re totally dependent on Civet Cats eating their fair share of coffee beans and then being able to find where they deposited them.  It’s figured that the annual production of the beans only comes in at between 500 and 1000 pounds per year.

Now you may be asking what else makes is coffee so special.  You may be sorry you asked.  Most coffee beans have to be fermented before they are dried, roasted and then ground.  Well it seems that the civet cats intestines handle this fermenting process naturally and thereby impart the coffees unique flavor, but this probably doesn’t surprise you in the least.

What can you expect to spend for Kopi Luwak ?  The lowest price that I could locate at the time of this writing is $399 per pound.  I can hear you gasping now, but word has it there is a more expensive Kopi Luwak Coffee out there.  This more expensive version is called Vietnamese Weasel Coffee and that will little gem cost you somewhere around $2700 per pound.

As I close up does article on Kopi Luwak I’ll leave you with a description of its flavor.  According to those that have sampled it, it has an earthy, syrupy, smooth and rich undertone and a long end. Probably heavy on the long end.

If you do decide to give it a shot and purchase some of this Kopi Luwak Coffee for your grind and brew coffee machine look closely at what you are purchasing, since all the cheaper varieties are a blended at between 5 and 10% Kopi Luwak with the rest being Arabica or Robusta beans.




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