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Jura Capresso Inc came about through a joint venture of Capresso Inc and the Swiss Company Jura AG. Jura AG was founded in Switzerland in 1931 and has become a world renowned manufacturer of one touch cappuccino makers.  The Capresso Company came into existence in 1941 as a maker of innovative coffee machines, a reputation that continues to this day as evidenced by their CoffeeTeam coffee makers.  The blending of the two companies since 2003 has created some truly unique and highly sought after super automatic coffee makers.

Presently the number of Jura Capresso Super Espresso Machines is comprised of 13 models, but all those models have not achieved the criteria we set for presenting them here at The Coffee Drinkers Connection.com.  We won’t waste your time presenting you with a machine that from what we can see, you’ll have a good chance of being unhappy with and returning.  So our criteria drives us to only present nine of the Jura Capresso Machines at this time, but with modifications to other models this could change. These top quality machines with at least a 4.0 consumer rating are the ENA Micro 1, ENA Micro 9, Impressa C5, Impressa C65, Impressa Z5 and Impressa F8.

We will present you with a brief synopsis of each machine and then provide you with a link to either a more in depth review or a to provide more information.  Let’s get started we have a lot of ground to cover here and a lot of great espresso machines to look at.



Jura Super Automatic Espresso Machines

The ENA line of machines









The ENA Micro 1.

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The ENA Micro 9.

  • A dual spout has been incorporated that is adjustable as well.
  • Posesses Fine Foam Technology.
  • Coffee temperature and strength are both fully programmable.
  • Initial setup has been made easier and faster.
  • Faster heating and steaming through utilization of a Thermoblock 2010 pump.


The Impressa line of machines









The Impressa C60.

  • The rotary dial with illuminated symbols quickly lets you select your type of brew and then the strength and cup size.
  • Comes with a separate ground coffee funnel and a conical burr grinder that has 6 fineness settings.
  • Features an impressive 18 bars of pressure and Dual Frother Plus, which is a quick and easy way to froth milk using its 2 settings.
  • The water tank is 64 ounces big and the bean hopper is 8 ounces allowing you to grind up to 30 portions of coffee before refilling.
  • This espresso machine will grind, tamp, brew and self clean in under 1 minute
  • Contains a Thermoblock that is stainless steel lined which means no purging after frothing.

The Impressa C65.

  • The Impressa C9 contains all the features of the C5 plus.
  • One touch cappuccino system that froths milk, grinds, tamps and brews with the touch of a button.
  • In addition there are programmable coffee strengths, temperature levels, LED Display and programmable switch on time.
  • Integrated cappuccino rinsing and a stainless steel vacuum milk container for keeping milk cool for up to 8 hours.

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The Impressa Z5

  • This is the ultimate coffee center with 8 completely programmable buttons.
  • A 20 ounce thermal milk container that is designed to keep milk cool for up to 8 hours.
  • These Capresso Espresso Machines are known for their extremely quiet operation making it one of the quietest on the market.
  • Sensors that will automatically tell you when it’s cleaning time, when it’s time to refill beans and will sense water level.

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The Impressa F8

  • The easy to use rotary switch lets you override any setting for steam or coffee just before brewing.
  • The dual coffee spout will not only move up and down but in and out as well.
  • The removable water container has been increased to 71 ounces and the bean container to 9 ounces.
  • The new ceramic valve technology results in a higher temperature meaning more crema in your cup.
  • The J6 comes complete with a sensitive touch screen and programmable aroma levels.

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These espresso machines are automatic coffee centers that are made to deliver consistently better and fresher coffee than other brands on the market. These espresso makers are targeted at the sophisticated coffee drinker and this is something that Jura Capresso won’t compromise on.

All of the machines listed here are currently rated at 4 stars or higher by folks that are actually using the machines. When buying machines at this level of price people don’t compromise either and want true value for their money. This makes the 4 star plus ratings carry even more weight, which means you can pretty well be assured of getting a great machine.



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