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Mr Coffee Single Serve

Welcome to the section of The Coffee Drinkers Connection where we present you with some great red coffee machines. Why red machines? Well red makes a bold statement like no other color can, so we thought we would round up the best in one place. In addition to that we will only be showing you coffee machines that have at least a 4 star rating and above as defined by user reviews. We feel that the most important thing you should know is how real people feel about the product, not just the bluster offered by the manufacturer. You also don’t need to discover problems once you purchase the machine that could have been avoided ahead of time by choosing a higher-rated machine.

Let’s talk about a coffee maker that happens to be red for second. Does a red machine make better coffee because it’s red? No probably not. Does a red machine cost any more than its drab counterparts? It might, but probably not. What a red machine does do that the others don’t is make a statement and it’s a bold statement that says “I’m tired of black and white appliances; I want some style in my life.” Yes that new red coffee maker will be a stand out in your kitchen, that’s assuming of course it’s the only red appliance.

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Now because you found your way to this page we are going to assume that red is the number one gotta have criteria in your new coffee machine. In addition you’ll have a couple of other choices to make as well. Chief among these will be what type of coffee maker do you want? A red single serve coffee machine, miniature red machine, red espresso machine, single serve espresso machine or the big boy on the block a super automatic machine. There are more too, these are just the stand outs.

When choosing your new  coffee maker, other than the color, the next important thing on your mind is probably going to be the price and as well it should be. Remember though the cheaper the unit, the greater the likelihood that you will be performing this exercise again and a lot sooner than you had hoped. Another thing to remember is that your new machine is going to be RED, so it is naturally going to attract more attention than normal black and white models. So you might want to make sure that it’s positive attention by choosing a machine that people will look at it and say “Wow nice machine! What kind of coffee does it make?” That will give you a chance to swing into action and show off a bit by giving them the best cup of coffee they’ve ever had.

There are the basics of a red coffee maker, there aren’t many of them, but the few there are may be worth thinking about. Ok red coffee makers are out there just waiting to find a new home so that they can start doing their job by turning out great tasting coffee for you.

To get started choosing your brand-new red machine simply scroll down and take a look at what is available. There are quite a few of them, so when you find one you like just click on its image to get more information, read customer reviews or to purchase.

Additionally take note of the machines that have had reviews prepared for them. These reviews will continue to grow and provide you with the information you are looking for. To access a review simply click on the machines image and you’ll be taken to that page.




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