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Saeco Coffee MachinesThe Saeco Group is a name that is better known for their production of professional grade espresso and super automatic espresso machines, than they are regular coffee makers.  Saeco though has always prided itself on giving the coffee connoisseur the most authentic café experience at home that could be found.  Part of that home experience now resides with their grind and brew machines, which embody everything that Saeco is hoping to provide. Saeco was founded in Italy in 1981 for the express purpose of providing production of domestic espresso machines.  Since that time though Saeco has grown by combining its considerable innovative abilities with its capability to know where the market is going.  This has turned Saeco into an international company with subsidiaries in Europe, the United States and Latin America to name a few along. It also has a sales network in more than 60 countries. The Saeco Grind and Brew coffee makers are a stainless steel design which will produce up to 12 cups of some mighty fine coffee.  The conical burr grinder that is incorporated into these machines has the capability of grinding up to 8.5 ounces of whole beans at the press of a single button.  The Saeco machines also incorporate an automatic reminder that will tell you when it’s time to clean the unit by descaling. One of the things you will notice almost immediately about a Saeco coffee machine is the build quality, which means that they feel solid and sturdy.  This one feature alone causes these machines to outshine many of the competition.  So are you ready to get down into the nitty gritty of what Saeco self grinding coffee machines have offer in the way of features?  Great! Let’s go!

Saeco Grind and Brew Machine Details

  • Saeco offers two self grinding coffee machines.  One is a 12 cup glass carafe model and the other is a 12 cup thermal carafe unit.
  • A conical burr grinder has been incorporated into the machines which can be adjusted to any one of eight different settings, from fine to coarse.Saeco Self Grinding Coffee Machine - Thermal Carafe
  • The machine contains an auto shut-off feature which closes down the unit after the brewing cycle has been completed.
  • The front control panel is programmable and contains an over-sized blue backlit LCD display so you can easily see all the functions and settings.
  • Features contained inside the control panel are a cup selector, programmable timer, aroma selector, a grinder off function and an indicator light, which will warn you when cleaning is required.
  • The grinder hopper holds over half pound of whole coffee beans and incorporates an easy clean window, which will allow you to prevent any clogging.
  • An ingenious steam vent will reduce condensation during the brewing process by channeling steam through the front of the unit and away from the beans.
  • A permanent gold tone filter basket and charcoal water filter are also included.
  • Saeco coffee makers also have a reputation for being quieter than a lot of the other grind and brew coffee machines on the market.  This can be a real plus if somebody in the house likes to sleep in.

There is one caveat though with any self grinding coffee machine and that is when using dark roast or oily coffee beans. The oils you see on the surface of the bean do not stay there and wind up getting into the burrs of the automatic grinder. This over time when combined with the fine coffee dust, created by the grinding process, will form a cement like substance. These oils will stain clear plastic and the dust and oil will fill in the burrs making it impossible to grind the beans. This is easily fixable though by turning off the grinder and using pre-ground beans in the gold tone filter. The Saeco coffee machines as you can see offer great value for the price and will provide you many years of service with the proper care.  Should you need to contact customer service though you will find that they’re friendly, knowledgeable and apologetic for any grief the product may have caused you.  This is a major plus these days when a lot of customer service organizations are a hassle to deal with. To get started ordering one of these great Saeco machines simply click on any of the images or the links below and you’ll be taken to a new page where you can get more information or start the ordering process.


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