Saeco Vapore X-small Automatic Espresso Machine

Small, Compact And Affordable.

Saeco Vapore HD8645

If you are an espresso lover odds are you have an old manual espresso machine sitting in your kitchen or office. Odds also have it that you’ve looked into purchasing a fully automatic machine at one time or another, but the price and/or the size of the machine has immediately turned you off to buying it.

You also probably think that you really don’t need all those bells and whistles that come on some of the more expensive machines; after all you just want to make a cup of espresso or cappuccino quickly. Well Saeco has been listening and has developed a compact fully automatic machine that will turn out up to 2 cups of espresso simultaneously or a regular coffee at the touch of a button.

Most importantly the new Vapore X-Small is about a third of the price of a lower tier super automatic machine. So if you’re just looking for machine and will grind your beans, tamp them, brew the espresso and then dispose of the grounds without all the fancy stuff then this may be the machine for you. Read further and check out the details.

Vapore X-Small ID Details

  • Comes with an integrated ceramic burr grinder that has five settings which will go a long way is making sure beans are not burned during the grinding process.
  • The bean hopper itself holds up to 6 ounces of whatever espresso beans you wish to use.
  • Saeco’s patented brewing group, which is the center of the great espresso brewed by this machine, is easily removable. ThisSaeco Vapore Side View
     also makes it simple process to clean and reinstall.
  • Drinks that can be made using this machine are regular coffee, espresso, cappuccino, hot water, Caffé crema, frothed milk, espresso macchiato and ristretto.
  • Coffee volume can also be adjusted in this machine which means you can fine tune just exactly how much is poured for both regular and espresso drinks.
  • The water reservoir is 1 L in size and comes with a removable water filler to make sure that you’re only getting the cleanest water possible for making your drink.
  • A 15 bar pressure is generated by the machine during the espresso brewing process.
  • A manual milk frother has been integrated in the machine on its left-hand front panel.
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling reminders are included to not only to make sure that each drink you make is as good as the last, but also to ensure that you will receive the maximum life possible from your machine.
  • The machine is compact and fits easily into any kitchen or company coffee room having a footprint of 11.4” x 16.5” x 12.7” and weighing 20 pounds.
  • The spent coffee dump box holds 8 servings.
  • Rounding out the features on the Vapore is a stainless steel boiler, a standby mode that activates after 30 minutes and a one-year warranty.

Ok so the Vapore is a sleek trimmed down version of larger super automatic coffee machines and comes in at a price below $500, but the big question is what do real people think about it? Since this machine is fairly new customer reviews are a bit scarce but so far it has attained a 5 star rating.

Choosing to own the Vapore will make it possible for you to turn out great espresso drinks in your home or office at the touch of a button and will probably help to eliminate a lot of those daily trips to Starbucks. When you consider that some of us are paying up to $12 a day for drinks you could conceivably pay for this machine in as little as 3 months. Something to take note of for sure!

To get more information on the Saeco Vapore X-Small, read the customer reviews or to order simply click on any image or the “Add To Cart” button below and a new window will open.  



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