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KRUPS EA8250 EspresseriaThe Krups Company is probably one of the oldest kitchen appliance manufacturers in the world, with it being able to trace its existence back to 1846. From its humble beginnings as a precision scale and balances producer located in Wald, which is in the Westphalia region of Germany, they have grown to become one of the best known kitchen appliance manufacturers in the world. Krups now produces everything from beer tenders and bread makers to kettles and toaster ovens.

Included in that great list of products is their super automatic espresso machine. There is presently only one model of super espresso machine manufactured, but that one machine garners some pretty high marks from people that own it. Like almost all of the Krups products this espresso machine combines precision and an eye towards perfection into a machine that stylish as well as easy to use.

If you’re presently considering a super automatic coffee machine for your home then the Krups Espressaria is one that should probably be on your shortlist of products. So let’s dive in and take a close look at what this espresso maker has to offer its new owner.




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Krups EA8250 Espressaria Details

  • The EA82 Espressaria combines the ability to make espresso, coffee and cappuccino in addition to an ordinary cup of tea. All this is combined into a single easy to use machine.
  • Your coffee beans are ground right before use with a conical burr grinder that is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel practically guarantees superior results and a longer product life.
  • This is one of, if not the most, compact super automatic machine on the market today, measuring a mere 9 ½ x 12 x 14 inches and weighing only 10.4 Krups EA82 Espressaria 3 Control Panelpounds. This slim design makes this Krups Machine easier to place and move around your kitchen along with being available in two colors, red and black.
  • Selecting your drink has been made extremely easy by way of the incorporated LCD display screen. Simply turn the selector knob to choose your type and size of drink, and then push ok. That’s it!
  • This super espresso machine has a patented brewing chamber called the Compact Thermo Block System. The system integrates heating; pressure and brewing into a single monoblock unit that will help insure that each cup you make is a perfect as the last.
  • The provided steam nozzle not only lets you make creamy cappuccinos and steamed milk; it will also dispense plenty of hot water for that cup of tea you’re looking forward to.
  • Most espresso machines have water filtration of some kind, but the Krups Espresso Machine only filters the water as it is needed thereby extending the life of the machine and filter.
  • Monitors have been included in both the 60 ounce water tank and 9 ounce bean hopper to let you know when your resources are getting low.
  • The drink dispenser height can be varied from 2 ½ to 4 inches, which helps avoid splashes.
  • The machine comes with its own stainless steel milk container which is part of the included Krups XS 6000 Auto- Cappuccino set.
  • A float sensor has been included in the removable drip tray to signal you when it needs emptying.
  • After each cup is made the used grounds (The cake) are dropped into a removable container that has a 14 cake capacity.
  • This Krups Espresso Machine will automatically alert you when cleaning or descaling need to take place.EA82 Espressaria 2

You can see from the above list that Krups has put maximum thought and effort into the design and manufacture of this machine with each machine being quality tested prior to shipping. This product is also very east to setup, clean and use, which keeps any leaning curve to a bare minimum.

Now you are probably asking yourself what the negatives are on this Krups Machine and there are two of consequence. The first one is that you can only use whole beans, no pre-ground, and the other is that the bean hopper is not removable. The real question is though what do real people have to say about this Krups Machine after they’ve owned it for a while.

The answer to that question is that an amazing 90% of the people leaving reviews at gave it a 4 star or higher rating. Anytime you have 90% of any group, agreeing to anything, you have to sit up and take notice.

So there you have it a detailed break down of the super automatic Krups Super Automatic Machine. To get more information or to read the customer reviews simply click on any image and a new window will open. To order the Krups EA82 Espressaria just click on the order button below.