Soon You’ll Be Creating Your Own Blends!

Now that you have one of the new espresso makers, grind and brew machine, super automatic or are considering buying one, you might want to think about taking the whole coffee bean experience to a new level by roasting your own beans.  Yes you can find unroasted or green coffee beans and there are number of fine home coffee roasters available on the market right now.  Roasting your own coffee is a great way of putting complete control of your coffee flavor in your own hands.

If you’re a true coffee aficionado then roasting your own beans would just be the next step in your search for the perfect cup of coffee.  Home coffee roasting makes it possible for you to fine tune exactly what type of roast you desire.  If you’re the kind of person that likes a subtle cup of coffee with light overtones, then you can go for a lighter roast.  If you crave a cup of coffee that is bold, then you simply perform a dark roast. You may be surprised how much the same bean will change in flavor the darker you roast it.

Coffee Roasting Machines.

Red Gene Coffee Roaster The Red Gene Coffee Bean Roaster has many advanced features that you can only get on more expensive models. Features such as:

  • Large See-Through Roasting Chamber
  • Viewable Roasting Chamber
  • Limited edition release in a beautiful metallic red
  • Roast up to 1/2 pound coffee per batch
Fresh Roast Coffee Roaster The Fresh Roast Coffee Roaster is a very affordable roaster that roasts enough beans for about 20 cups of coffee per roasting.

  • Variable convection fan control ensures gentle, efficient circulation
  • Precise automatic operation with digital time display
  • Three temperature settings for perfect roast control
  • Speed Roast fluid motion system ensures fast, even roasting
Nesco Coffee Roaster

Nesco Coffee Roaster is an inexpensive coffee roaster that will get the job done. Using it’s patented technology to reduce smoke and odor you’ll get a perfect roast every time.

  • Utilizes a patented catalytic technology to reduce smoke and odor.
  • Very quiet operation.
  • This is an economical machine that is very easy to use.
  • Has a number of preset digital controls.
  • Turns out freshly roasted coffee in about 20 minutes.
  • Produces 800 watts of coffee roasting power.

To get you up to speed with the individual categories of roast we’ll give you a quick tour. There are six basic roast types for you to consider here.

  • The Cinnamon Roast  – This is the lightest roast of coffee and can be considered ineffectual. You may also see this roast called Half City or just plain old Light Roast.
  • The American Roast – With this roast the bean will develop a light to medium color. At this point in roasting the bean is starting to gain some sweetness and character. This may also be called Medium Roast.
  • The City Roast – This roast is just a tad darker than the American version and will generally have lost all of its acidy taste.
  • The Full City Roast – At the end of this roasting the bean will be a rich brown color with much more developed flavor. This is also the roast where oil spots begin to show on the surface of the bean. You may also see this one called High Roast or Light French Roast.
  • The Continental Roast – The beans really beginning to darken up now and the oil is much more prevalent and the taste is getting smokier. This roast may also be called Dark, French or Italian Roast.
  • The Espresso Roast – This is the last of the roasts and the beans have almost turned black. The beans absolutely glisten with the oils that have come to the surface and strong burnt flavor. Generally there are no other names by which this roast goes.

When roasting your green coffee beans the darker you roast the more their appearance is going to change.  As an example when performing a lighter roast your coffee beans will have a light tan color and a dry appearance.  As you move up in darkness your beans become darker and oilier looking, with espresso roast being almost black.

Coffee roasting in the home is really a simple and quick process.  The whole procedure from beginning to end will take around 20 minutes.  You also have pretty wide latitude in choosing the price of your home coffee roasters, with units now ranging from just over $100 all way up to $1200.

Green coffee beans are also readily available for your home coffee roasting needs in just about any type of bean you can think of.  Sumatra, Colombian, Kenyan and Jamaican Blue are just a smattering of what is available for you to roast.  You might also want to think outside the box and buy a couple different types of green coffee bean for your home coffee roasters and create your own specialized blend.  Then you can name it after yourself and wow all your friends and relatives.

Home coffee roasters can be a great way to really create a very special tasting coffee, but remember to try and not fall into the trap of using other machinery such as hot air popcorn poppers and frying pans to roast your beans.  Yes it may sound like a good idea, but your results will be inconsistent at best and a burned mess at worst with half of your beans being espresso and the other half City Roast.  So it’s our suggestion that you find the home coffee roasters that best fit and your budget and then choose one, you’ll be much happier with your results.





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