The Best And The Worst Cities Around For Coffee Aficionados

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A 2016 Overview!Coffee Shop

Most of us are always trying to find a great cup of coffee. I mean after all we generally make our daily treks to the coffee shop that we deem to be our favorite. I’ve got to admit that in my case I am blessed to be literally surrounded by great coffee shops, seeing as I live in the Seattle area (a name synonymous with coffee).

That’s why when I came across this study that will purportedly supply us with the 10 best and 10 worst cities for coffee aficionados I must admit my interest was piqued. The study was created by which researched 100 US cities and used criteria like the number of shops available, prices and the all-important Yelp reviews. So let’s get into it so you can see how your city may have fared in the study.

The ranking of the 10 best cities…

  1. Portland, Oregon.
  2. Seattle, Washington.
  3. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  5. Orlando, Florida.
  6. San Francisco, California.
  7. New Orleans, Louisiana.
  8. Madison, Wisconsin.
  9. Cincinnati, Ohio.
  10. And Scottsdale, Arizona.

The 10 worst cities are as follows…

  1. El Paso, Texas.
  2. Stockton, California.
  3. Riverside, California.
  4. Aurora, Colorado.
  5. Fresno, California.
  6. San Bernardino, California.
  7. Detroit, Michigan.
  8. Memphis, Tennessee.
  9. Toledo, Ohio.
  10. Laredo, Texas.

My condolences if your city ended up in one of the 10 worst. I do have to admit though I’m surprised that Aurora, Colorado and Memphis, Tennessee showed up on the list of worst. Now if your city is in the list of best cities you can count your blessings, celebrate and then go out and have some coffee. Just a thought!

To give this study any credence though you have to take a closer look at the criteria they used when making these decisions. First of all part of it is based on number of shops around. This has nothing to do with the quality of the coffee just availability. Prices also have very little to do with quality and Yelp reviews while being helpful can just reflect somebody having a bad hair day and giving a bad review.

So take all this with a grain of salt.

To see how other cities ranked click the link below.

2016’s Best Cities for Coffee Lovers By


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