Your Choice Of Thermal Or Glass Carafe.

Capresso Coffee Team TSCapresso is one of the leading names in coffee and espresso machines, has been in existence since 1994 and in 2003 entered into a joint venture with the Jura Company of Switzerland to form Jura Capresso. Together they began to introduce some of the finest coffee brewing centers available to the US market. The Capresso coffee machine is also one of the most desirable on the market as well sporting numerous user friendly hi-tech features.

The two models of Capresso coffee maker we will be investigating here are the Coffee Team TS and Coffee Team GS, which are both self grinding models. These Machines work their magic by collapsing the grinding and brewing process into one smooth operation. All you do is simply pour in the water, add coffee beans to the hopper, press a few buttons so the machine knows what kind of brew you want and then let the machine handle the rest. The slow grinding conical burr grinder also will never compromise the flavor of the coffee during grinding process by grinding to fast. The Coffee Team machines are also rapidly becoming the standard by which all other grind and brew machines a judged.

Now what exactly can you expect in the way of functions and features on these self grinding coffee machines? The following is a list of features that are common to the Coffee Team TS and GS models. Below that you will find out what makes each model special in its own way.



Capresso Coffee Team Details:

  • The grind and brew Capresso coffee maker offers a unique high quality heating element that insures a brewing temperature of just over 200 degrees and an approx. temperature of 180° F in the pot.
  • Only 10 cup coffee makers are manufactured by Capresso because larger capacity machines brew longer and thereby extract more of the bitter components buried deep inside the grind.
  • The built-in solid steel conical burr grinder will slow grind your beans to perfection thereby preserving their original flavor and aroma. Beans that are ground to fast can be burned which will affect the flavor and thereby your coffee enjoyment.
  • A brewing timer is also provided so that the machine can have your coffee ready when ever you want it. It can also act as a first rate alarm clock as you Capresso Coffee Team GSwake up to the sound of coffee being brewed.
  • Are you anxious to get that first cup in the morning and don’t want to wait for the brew cycle to complete? No problem a sneak a cup feature has been added so you can grab a cup mid-brew.
  • You get a fully programmable illuminated LCD control panel that has 5 grind settings (coarse to fine), 5 brew amounts (2 to 10 cups) and 3 strength settings (mild, medium and strong). You can truly have your coffee just how you like it.
  • The unit comes with an integrated 6 ounce bean hopper for use with the internal grinder utilizing the Grind/Brew mode.
  • Additionally you can also use pre-ground beans by placing the grounds into the gold toned filter and switching the machine to manual brew mode.
  • A 2 hour auto shut-off function has been incorporated to insure your safety along with a charcoal filter for removing any foul tasting chlorine from your tap water.
  • The coffee makers footprint is 9-3/4 x 9-1/2 x 15-1/2 inches and weighs approximately 15 pounds.

So if those are Coffee Team TS and GS in common features, just what are the differences between the two? I’m glad you asked.

  • The Team GS comes with a glass carafe and a non-stick warming plate.
  • The Team TS is provided with a thermal carafe for keeping your coffee piping hot for hours without burning. This means that the warming plate has been omitted so you can save also energy by not keeping your coffee hot.

One big question you may have is “What if any are the problems with the machine?”

One issue with any grind and brew machine will be the type of beans that you use in the automatic grinder. The use of very dark roast (espresso beans) oily beans will clog your machine over time. This is because the oils will form something akin to cement and eventually make it almost impossible to use the grinder. For these types of beans use the manual brew mode of operation.

The Coffee Team machines provide a sleek, streamlined and space saving design while at the same time providing you with some of the freshest best tasting coffee available. To get further information on any machine listed, read customer reviews or to purchase simply click on a machines image and a new window will open to provide you with the requested information.

Capresso Coffee Maker Coffee Team GS
Capresso Coffee Team TS Coffee Team TS



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