The CBTL Single Serve Coffee Machine

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The Finest In Italian Coffee Brewing Technology.

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CBTL Single ServeAlthough not well know the CBTL Machine is providing great tasting coffee to the people that have had the luck of finding and acquiring this machine. The CBTL Coffee Machine is a single serve beverage brewing system that combines quality with the finest Italian coffee making technology available. This single cup brewing system also combines convenience with ease of use by utilizing the CBTL coffee capsule in the creation of a perfect cup of coffee. The CBTL capsules are available for numerous coffee flavors (both decaf and regular) as well as tea in many flavors as well.



CBTL Single Serve Machine Details:

  • If you’re really short on counter space this may be just what you’re looking for with a footprint of 17.2x 12.8 x 9.7 inches and a weight of 12.1 pounds.
  • The only single serve machine that makes great coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and espressoCoffee Capsules
  • A special feature on this machine is the twin pressure system that operates at a 15 bar pressure for espresso and 3.5 bars when brewing your coffee or tea.
  • An internal two filter system has been included in each capsule to ensure that the brewing process is balanced and extracts every bit of flavor.
  • Not only come in red but black, white-silver, blue-silver and gold-silver as well.
  • Match the color to your decor.
  • Match it with an exclusive milk frother for wonderful latte’s and cappuccino.

Yes the there are a lot of great features on this machine, but the real question on your mind is probably “What do real owners of the machine have to say about it?” Well the overall rating comes in at 4.4 stars out of five, which is pretty impressive. Also here are some reviews from real people.

By Mark (Fairport, NY United States)

The CBTL system is just fantastic! After working through multiple “K” machines reliability issues — I had to try something new. This system is it. The ability to add espresso based coffees to the traditional brew is a nice change. The coffee is much more refined than k-cups — where I’d moved to the extra bolds for flavor. These capsulesRead More

By GP (Newport, RI)

This machine is 10 times better than the Keurig, which I have gotten rid of. I have made cappuccinos, lattes, mocha lattes, chai tea, etc and they taste similar to what I would buy at Coffee Bean. Ten capsules for $6 is actually cheap, since a cup at the cafe costs $3 to $5. I calculated how much I spent on coffee, and this machine is well worth the price… Read More

By Jason M. Keller

 I owned a NESPRESSO maker (model C101) for six months because my wife being French swore by them. Never owning a pod based coffee maker, it made wonderful espresso for the time it was in our possession. I had fair expectations for what it could do given it…Read more

Every cup you make with the CBTL Coffee Machine combines innovative technology, functionality and design to give you a perfect cup. An additional great feature of this machine is that if a red coffee machine isn’t quite your style it’s also available in black, blue/silver, gold/silver and white/silver, enabling you to color coordinate it with your kitchen. So if you think you’re ready to discover the single serve CBTL Coffee Maker like some lucky others already have, then simply click on the link below or the image above and a new page will open to provide you with further info.

Get CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer, Red at the best price available today.



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