Fully Automatic And A Feast For The Eyes As Well!

Accademia GaggiaThe founder of the Gaggia Company, Achille Gaggia , was the holder of the patent for the first steam-less coffee maker in 1938.By 1948 the Gaggia Company was formally incorporated in Milan, Italy. It wasn’t until 1977 though that Gaggia started turning out espresso machines for home use. In 1999 Gaggia became an acquisition target of Saeco International, which ironically became an acquisition of the electronics manufacturer Philips in 2009.

Regardless of who owns Gaggia the Gaggia machines are still manufactured in Milan, Italy as they always have been.  Presently the Gaggia line consists of nine models of super automatic espresso machine with two models, the Accademia Gaggia and Platinum Vision, meeting our criteria for review. Here at The Coffee Drinkers Connection .com we will only present a product to you if it gets at least a 4 start or higher rating from real owners on Amazon.

The reason we require at least 4 stars is we find that anything below that has a much lower satisfaction rate among owners overall resulting in returns that are an aggravation to all concerned. So with that in mind let’s take a look at the espresso machines that did get the top honors.



Gaggia Super Espresso Machines

Accademia GaggiaThe Accademia

  • This Gaggia espresso machine model puts the super in super automatic coffee machine by automatically letting you make tea, latte macchiato, steamed milk, espresso macchiato, caffe ristretto, café latte, espresso and your cappuccino in just about any strength you may want.
  • Contains an integrated 350 gram bean container and a removable 1.6 liter water tank.
  • The removable spent coffee container is capable of holding 16 pucks before needing to be emptied.
  • Through use of the Optiaroma system this model of Gaggia espresso maker allows you to customizeAccademia Control Panel the body of each and every espresso.
  • The brewing group is also removable for easy cleaning.
  • Access to the controls is through a TFT color display that will let you adjust everything from coffee type to temperature.
  • The integrated ceramic coffee grinder comes complete with 8 fineness settings.
  • The auto cappuccino system has integrated an external milk carafe into the machines design.
  • An active cup warming plate is provided as well to make sure that your cup is properly warmed.
  • The coffee, milk and the cappuccinatore circuit cleaning descaling cycle are automatic.

When it comes to espresso machines the Accademia is definitely a top of the line machine that will provide you with cup after cup of as close to perfect espresso as you can get. Owners of the Accademia Gaggia also say that was a good purchase, with the machine possibly paying for itself in as little as a year, depending on how often you make the visit Starbucks on a daily basis.

Gaggia Platinum Vision (Currently Unavailable)The Platinum Vision

  • The one touch panel lets you brew any one of 7 pre-set drinks.
  • The control panel utilizes a touch screen allowing you to enter your selections with a touch of the finger.
  • A doser has been incorporated in to this Gaggia machine model allowing you to use pre-ground beans. This is a big plus when using oily coffee beans, which can eventually cause problems.
  • The Rapid Steam System has been integrated to reduce the waiting time between making coffee and steaming milk to just a few seconds.
  • Contains an integrated 250 gram bean container and a removable 1.7 liter water tank.
  • An active cup warming plate is provided as well to make sure that your cup is properly warmed.
  • The Espresso Plus System allows you to dial in the intensity of your drink from mild to strong.
  • The drip tray functions as a cup lift and is able to be raised electrically at the touch of a button.
  • The ceramic grinder that has been used assures you of high performance and silent functioning, while preserving the beans flavor and aroma.
  • The removable spent coffee container is capable of holding 14 pucks before needing to be emptied.
  • A five year guarantee covering the removable brewing group has been included.

This model of Gaggia espresso machine is one that you will absolutely love if speed is important to you. The machine can go from off to brewing coffee in about a minute, so speed is definitely the order of the day here. Also when some folks take into account how often they pay 4 bucks for a latte at Starbucks this machine can pay for itself in as little as 4 months.

So there you have a run down of the Gaggia super automatic machines that made muster. To get more information, read customer reviews or to purchase simply click on any image and a new window will open to fulfill your request.