The Grindmaster Grind N Brew Coffee Maker GNB-11H

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Great As A Workplace Coffee Maker.

Grindmaster Grind N Brew GNB-11H

The Grindmaster Corporation has been in existence since the 1930s originally providing coffee grinders to the American public. In 2009 though it merged with the Cecilware Corporation to create the Grindmaster-Cecilware which is a company dedicated to exceptional customer service. The company now provides commercial beverage and food service equipment to companies all across the US and the world.

The grind and brew coffeemaker we will be concern ourselves with here is the Grindmaster’s GNB-11H which is a commercial grade machine and can brew up to 64 ounces of coffee at one time. The machine is great addition for anybody that provides coffee to their customers or an employer who wants to supply a coffee machine for his employees. There are number of items that make this machine a great workplace acquisition and we will detail them further below.

Grindmaster’s GNB-11H Details:

The machine is a single bean machine meaning that it brews from a single hopper although this doesn’t preclude using different types of beans for individual brewings. The machine itself has three states which are grind only, brew only or grind and brew. So it is a simple matter to set the machine on brew only and insert preground beans into the brew chamber. Here more of many features offered in this machine.

GrindMaster Control Panel

  • Do you find that you are a bit space challenged when it comes to adding new appliances? Then you’ll love the space-saving design used by this grind and brew machine. The overall size is 26 ¼ inches tall x 9 ¼ inches wide x 24 ¼ inches deep and weighs 75 pounds.
  • The machine comes with three separate functions which are grind only, brew only and grind and brew. This gives you the flexibility to use any part of the brewing process you wish individually. This means that if you want to brew a pot of coffee from something other than what is in the hopper you simply insert your preground beans into the brew basket and select brew only.
  • The machine also keeps track of how many beans you use with its bean usage counter.
  • And incorporated shutter mechanism keeps water vapor separated from your grind head.
    GrindMaster Sutter Mechanism
    Shutter Mechanism
  • The volume of coffee produced can be changed by using the teach mode. This will eliminate a lot of trial and error during set up.
  • You can set the grind time for both a full and half batch. This is accomplished by using the controls on the front of the brewer.
  • The machine makes sure that the water temperature is always correct prior to brewing and will not begin the brewing cycle until the proper water temperature has been reached.
  • A special pulse brewing function allows you to extract up to 20% more dissolved solids per brew. This feature is also programmable allowing you to set the number of pulses, the duration of a pulse and length of time before the next pulse. None of this affects brew volume.
  • The machine also comes with a special lockout feature that will prevent users from changing any the settings on the machine. After setting this lockout mechanism the only items that will work are the brewing and grinding functions.
  • The bean hopper will hold up to 5 ½ pounds of beans and the machine has a 64 ounce brewing capacity.
  • The Grindmaster GNB-11H comes with energy savings capabilities as well. The warmers can be programmed to shut off up 240 minutes from the last brew cycle.
  • A handy hot-water dispenser is also mounted in front of the control panel.
  • Other programmable features include the ability to set the auger time, which determines how many beans are fed into the grinder as well as being able to set the pre-infusion time on and off

Also to be included in the list of important information is the fact that this is a commercial machine which means it will need to have its quarter inch supply line hooked up to a water source, but this is really no different than any other commercial grade coffee brewer. Another important item is that the machine does not come supplied with a 64 ounce brew pot, which means this will have to be acquired separately.

To get further information on the Grindmaster Grind N Brew GNB-11H or to order simply click on any image and a new window will open to fulfill your requests.

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