The JoeTap Nitrogen Infused Cold Brew Coffee Tap System

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Coffee On Tap!

JoeTap SystemNitrogen infused coffee is rapidly becoming the drink of choice with many coffee lovers across this great country. While it may not be readily available in your neck of the woods yet odds are it soon will be. So what is Nitro Coffee exactly? To put it simply the drink is cold brewed coffee that has been placed into a keg and had nitrogen or, dioxide pumped in. The keg is then chilled for up to 24 hours which allows also for the nitrogen to infuse into the coffee. The keg is then tapped and served just like beer.

When poured the resulting drink is reminiscent of a Guinness Stout complete with foamy white head. The drink itself puts on somewhat of a show since once the bubbles reach the top of the glass and form the head they reverse direction and flow down the inside of the glass resembling a waterfall. In addition to the show puts on there is also some anecdotal evidence that the small size of the nitrogen bubbles delivers the caffeine into your system quicker and with a greater impact. Sort of like red bull on steroids.

While doing research for a Nitro Coffee article I had previously published on this site I came across a company called JoeTap that was climbing into this niche in a big way. Who is JoeTap? They are a subsidiary of AC Beverage that manufactures and distributes (among other things) a nitrogen infused cold brew coffee tap system. The system is geared towards allowing coffee shops and other concerns to conveniently offer Nitro coffee to their patrons. This system also provides businesses a way of differentiating themselves from the rest of the coffee crowd in the area by serving this unique coffee drink.

Now you may be wondering why this system stood out enough to deserve the attention I’m giving it here. Well quite simply the tap system they JoeTap JT-HF-1-2manufacture is truly unique and would benefit any business looking to serve a unique cold coffee drink and increase their business as a result. After all there are a lot of places out there serving coffee, but there are very few indeed that serve Nitro coffee at the present time.

The tap system itself comes in a number of different models from a standalone version to a larger double door, double tower model. One thing that makes this method doing things unique in and of itself is that most Nitro coffee is made by placing the coffee in a keg, adding nitrogen and then cooling the keg down for at least 24 hours to infuse the nitrogen. This technique though removes that 24 hour waiting period by relocating the infusing process to the tap itself thereby allowing you to bypass charging a keg with nitrogen. All units are also provided with the ability to pour cold coffee drinks from the tap without the nitrogen being added for those customers who just want a standard iced coffee drink. You simply keep kegs of cold brewed coffee pre-chilled and change them out as needed to keep up with customer demand.

All of the tap system models (JT-1, JT-2, JT-HF-1-2, JT-HF-2-2, JT-HF-2-4) are self-contained, bringing with them refrigeration, single or dual faucet configurations and portability through the use of low-profile casters. Included with each system is a beverage tank, nitrogen tank and decorative wrap displaying the JoeTap’s logo. This wrap can also be customized with your own logo or other design on request. Custom configurations for systems and installations are also available upon request.

Providing power for pieces of equipment such as this is also generally concern. No need to JoeTap JT-HF-2-4worry about how much power these units will pull though. The standalone unit requires only 1.5 amps to run and their largest model uses only 6 amps. This means that no special wiring needs to be installed and they can be plugged in to any standard 15 amp outlet that may be available.

As I stated earlier these tap units are great additions to coffee shops but it doesn’t really have to stop there. Other venues such as stadiums, resorts, golf courses, convenience stores, hotels, taverns/bars, party rentals and restaurants are just some of the other spots that can greatly benefit from the installation of the system. Actually the skies the limit and given a little thought I’m sure you can come up with numerous other locations for this as well.

Admittedly the JoeTap System is a cool piece of equipment, but the most important thing though when you when you lay out cash your business is your return on investment. Simply put this means how long will it take for you get your original investment outlay back? Depending on how you decide to create the cold brew coffee itself (make or buy) your ROI for the purchase of a single tap standalone model is between 1,770 and 1,296 drinks. These numbers are based on a single poor selling at $4.00 in a 12 ounce glass. This rapid return on your investment makes this one of the quicker payback investments you are likely to find for your business.

Support is generally big concern as well since any downtime will cut into the return you are expecting to receive. To meet and alleviate these concerns JoeTap is operating out of a new facility in Annapolis Maryland and has put together a service network, marketing support, a strongly supported supply chain and training.

Now admittedly I’m beginning to sound like a salesman for the product but nothing could be further from the truth and I have no connection with this company and all. That is of course unless you count the fact that I find it to be a sit up and take notice product in a growing niche that many proprietors could make use of their advantage. On this point I think both I and the company would agree.

If you would like to find out more about this Nitro coffee tap system though then simply click on the link below and send an email to Randy Anderson and he will get back to you with all the information you need concerning pricing and availability.

Email Randy Anderson Now.

To close out this article I have provided a video below that should round out the overview of the JoeTap System and visually give you a good idea of how things work. This system is clean, attractive, is in a growing coffee niche, is movable and is a great way to increase sales.




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