The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

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Looks Strange But Makes Great Coffee!

The Red Dolce GustoThe Nescafe Dolce Gusto is a red single serve coffee maker that will allow you to become a barista in the comfort of your own home. At first glance the Dolce Gusto might remind you of a small droid, but in reality it is a single serve coffee maker that will have you making gourmet coffees, lattes, cappuccinos and iced drinks, just to name a few, in short order. Yes this multi-function machine is also great at parties letting everyone make the drink they desire. Let’s look a little more deeply into this Nescafe single serve red coffee machine.



Dolce Gusto Creativa Plus Coffeemaker Details:

  • This Nescafe machine fits readily on any kitchen countertop measuring 18 x 15.5 x 11 inches and tipping the scale at 12 pounds.
  • Easily prepares a variety of hot and cold drinks with the single serve system and produces gourmet coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, iced drinks and more.
  • Produces authentic espresso and the perfect cream with 15 bar pump pressure.
  • Makes any size drinks utilizing the adjustable height drip tray.
  • Quickly customize and memorize your favorite drinks with LCD screen.
  • 12 capsules come pre-packaged with the machine, which means you can start making drinks within seconds of unboxing the machine.
  • No preheating required with special thermoblock heating system.
  • This machine is very easy to clean with a removable 50 ounce water tank, drip tray and a spent capsules container.
  • Energy-saving automatic stand-by mode after 5-minute of inactivity.

So what do real customers think of this Nescafe machine once they’ve had a chance to use it at home? Here are some REAL customer reviews fro you to get you up to speed.

By M. Uzelac (Highland, IN USA)

Most coffee machines capable of making cappuccino that I looked at were over expensive. I came across Dolce Gusto that fit my budget of couple hundred dollars just perfectly. The design of this particular type is very appealing. The taste of cappuccino, espresso and latte is with european twist and rich with foam. That is what I have been looking for ever since I had my first cappuccino in a cafe bar in Milano. Apart from regular… Read More


We have purchased this coffeemaker last week after years of trying to find the right appliance. This coffee maker is fantastic! This is the first time in year that we are able to find this European flare again. Unlike starbucks or Keurig coffees, the coffee is voluptous, with well rounded flavors and most important to us, it doesn’t have any burnt after taste like most U.S. brewed coffees… Read More

As mentioned above Thermoblock heating means that there is no waiting before brewing begins and within 5 minutes of inactivity the Gusto Creativa slips in to its energy savings mode saving on the power bill as well. In addition the machines 50 ounce removable water tank means you can make at least 6 cups of your favorite beverage without refilling. Customizing your drinks is also a snap using the LCD screen in combination with the included 12 count variety pack of coffee.

If you think that the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Red Coffee Maker would make a wonderful addition to your kitchen then simply click on any image or the order button below.

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    I’ve used a Keurig for a long long time and its worked pretty well for me. Unfortunately, it did take up a lot of my time.

    I’m now planning to upgrade to the latest Keurig or a Breville. Any suggestions which one will be better? I tried the Cuisinart and that seems pretty decent too.

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