The Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine Complete Overview

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Italian Espresso At Its Finest.

Rancilio HSD-SilviaThe Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine has built quite a following here in the United States. But who or what is Rancilio? Rancilio is a espresso machine manufacturer that was originally founded 1927 in Parabiago, Milan, Italy by Roberto Rancilio. The companies stated purpose is to promote and safeguarded Italian espresso culture all over the world.

The company itself makes many different types espresso machines for Café use with the Silvia machine being expressly designed for home use. The machine itself offers a very pleasant and pleasing professional style design featuring a heated area on top for the storage of 6 cups.

Since comprehensive information on this machine can be a bit hard to come by we’re going to give you everything that we have been able to dig up on this machine. One of the impressive things about the Silvia is that is been able to garner a 4.3 out of 5 star rating in customer reviews. This means that over 80% of everybody reviewing the machine has been happy with their purchase and are likely to recommend it to others.

But let’s jump in a little bit deeper and take a look at all the individual features that this machine has to offer.





Silvia Espresso Machine Details

  • The filter holder has a unique commercial design and is chrome plated to enhance the commercial look and feel of the machine.Rancilio Silvia Front
  • A 15 bar pressure pump has been incorporated into the machine.
  • The articulating steam wand is ergonomically designed.
  • Comes with two portafilters, one being 7 g and the other 14 g.
  • An optional adapter kit is available that will enable you to use espresso (ESE) pods and capsules with the machine to make it easier to obtain perfect espresso every time.
  • The water reservoir holds 2 L of water and the boiler capacity is .31 L.
  • The body of the machine and the control panel are a satin finish stainless steel.
  • The dispensing unit and the boiler are constructed of Marine brass.
  • A unique heated cup holder located on the top of the machine provides space for 6 pre-warmed cups.
  • Separate power switches are provided for the coffee, hot water and steam.
  • The removable drip tray and cup holder grid are easy to clean.
  • A main power switch with a boiler indicating light is provided on the front panel.
  • The steam spout can be easily used to produce hot water for tea.
  • The Silvia has a footprint of 9.2 x 11.4 x 13.4 inches and weighs 30.9 pounds.

Well there you have it a complete breakdown of all the features available on the Silvia espresso machine by Rancilio. You’re probably saying though “That’s all well and good, but what do real people that purchased the machine really think of it.”

As we mentioned earlier this machine has done really well in the customer reviews attaining a 4.3 star level. Below is a representative comment from one happy customer.

We love this thing

Jenny Mitchell

YEP. Worth every penny. This thing makes every morning a happy morning!! We bought the Rancilio grinder to go along with this (a splurge, but if you and your spouse are a regular coffee shop people, you’ll see savings within a few months) and since we both work from home, we figured this was a pretty solid purchase. IT’S THE BOMB DOT COM. totally guys. Makes the best lattes. Boom.

What did the few less than happy customers have to say though? The few people that did have issues said the main complaint was that the machine was finicky. This was probably due to those folks not using a fine enough grind in their espresso and is a simple problem to fix.

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