The Red Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Maker Review

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Extremely Compact And Single Touch Operation.

Nespresso C110 Espresso MakerWith what is considered to be an ultra-urban, retro-modern design the Nespresso CitiZ espresso maker is an almost 4 ½ star rated machine. This single serve espresso maker is a stylish and welcome addition to any kitchen, while at the same time brewing up great coffee drinks utilizing convenient capsules. These hermetically sealed capsules are the fuel for the Nespresso espresso maker and will deliver wonderful espresso every time and make cleanup a breeze. In addition the 19 bar pump that has been designed in to the espresso maker is sure to extract everything that is required for an espresso with great aroma, body and crema.



The CitiZ Espresso Maker Details:

  • The machines footprint is a mere 14.75 x 5.4 x 11 inches and tips the scales at around 10 pounds.
  • Has integrated flow stop and pump refilling.
  • The control buttons a programmable for espresso and Lungo.
  • 1-liter (33-3/4-fluid-ounce) water tank.
  • The spent capsule container holds up to 11 spent capsules for later disposal.
  • Folding drip tray for tall latte machiatto glasses
  • Energy power save mode.

What more can we say about this espresso machine other than the fact that real people that left reviews have rated this machine at a phenomenal 4.4 starts out of 5. Here is a sampling of those real customer reviews:

“Perfect for what I wanted”

I wanted an automatic espresso machine, and was prepared to spend up to a $1500, but my problem was that I couldn’t find anything in that price range that was reliable and had consistently good reviews. The Saeco Talea came up a few times, and I have a…

“Very satisfied–highly recommended!”

Let me first say that I did a lot of research before buying the CitiZ with Aeroccino. In this price range, everything I read pointed me to this machine. I have been using the machine for one month now. My reactions after one…

“Great little machine”

Wow! Lived in Europe for many years and enjoyed the coffee everyday. Since returning, it’s been difficult to find the right machine, coffee, grind, etc., with a busy life. After an extended stay in Switzerland several years ago and running into this machine at many friend’s homes and in the cities, it seemed like a great way to enjoy really good espresso at home.

This coffee machine meets all expectations

As you can see from the reviews this Nespresso machine is a real people pleaser and will continue to please its owners for years to come. The ease at which you’ll be whipping up lattes and other coffee drinks will simply amaze you. About the only negative thing people came up with on this red coffee maker was that the coffee temperature was just right, not super hot. So if you are in the market for a stylish compact espresso machine then the Nespresso Citz espresso maker may just be the machine for you.



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