Quiet, Easy To Maintain, Not To Mention Great Coffee!

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Saeco Syntia FocusThe Saeco Syntia is a compact super automatic espresso machine that comes in both stainless steel and gloss black. The machines sleek and stylish form and the innovative technology that has been incorporated not only give it a modern look, but provide you the latest hi-tech features as well. Weighing just 21 pounds and having footprint of 16.5 x 13 x 18 inches it is sure to fit into just about any kitchen and do it with style. Additionally the front access to all the Syntia’s features will make it possible for you to add water, beans and clean the machine without ever having to move it from its resting place. So get ready for great coffee, espresso, cappuccino and other coffee drinks at the touch of a button once you own the Syntia Focus.

Now let’s take jump in and look at some of the great features and benefits that this machine has offer.




Syntia Focus Details

  • Front access to all features allows you to add beans and water and clean the machine without ever having to pull it out from under your cabinets.
  • The patented brew group is removable and allows you to simply remove, rinse and replace it.
  • A pre-brewing system moistens the grind just before brewing to release the coffees for aroma.
  • One touch espresso, one touch coffee and easily redefine its strength, the temperature and your length of the coffee.Saeco Syntia
  • Short or long coffee with one touch, your favorite drink preferences are easily stored with the machines memo option.
  • Nine different icons are used on the LED display help you easily identify the functions of the machine.
  • The fully adjustable built-in ceramic disc grinder is quiet and grinds the beans to perfection without spoiling their flavor and aroma. The patented Saeco adaptable brewing insures a perfect grind every time. In addition an automatic shut off feature has been included.
  • Includes water filtration, an air-tight and UV protected coffee bean hopper as well as improved sound insulating technology.
  • A circuit cleaning function is also present. This feature makes sure that the machine does a self cleaning when going into and coming out of stand-by mode. This ensures that you always have the freshest tasting cup of coffee possible.
  • The machine is fairly compact measuring 18.3×16.8×13.2 inches and weighing in at 22.1 pounds.

The great part of any review is finding out what real people think of the machine once they’ve gotten it home, unboxed it and then had a chance to play with it. This is where a lot of machines go by the wayside as customers unload about what they don’t like. The news here is extremely good though for this machine bringing in an unbelievable 4.8 stars out of five in overall reviews. Here is a representative review By Lilac Lily in Florida.

“This is one of the best espresso machines that I have tested. I love the set up and the high quality espresso that this machine produces. The compact design is great for smaller kitchens and the stainless steel casing is very easy to clean and doesn’t show any fingerprints on it. The digital interface is very intuitive and easy to read, it even changes color depending on the operating status. A green color means it’s ready to go, yellow shows when it’s operating, and when you see red there is an operating error. The actual espresso that this machine produces is very tasty with a lot of crema and a nice body. Overall, it’s a wonderful investment if you enjoy high quality coffee.”

In closing if you’re looking for and machine that is quiet the Saeco Syntia has implemented sound insulating technology, which will make you wonder where the noise went. Other features included in this super automatic coffee machine are a rapid steam feature, airtight bean hopper, the Saeco OptiDose feature and an adjustable ceramic grinder. This is just a quick overview of everything offered by the Syntia, to find out further information, read more customer reviews or to purchase simply click on any image and a new page will open to provide you with the requested information.

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